Learn How to Unlock Telegram channels in iPhone – 100% Working


100% Working Method on How to unlock Telegram channels in Iphone

How to unlock Telegram channels in iPhone.

For you to have stumbled on this post, sure thing is you have an iphone, you have got telegram installed which is an app you utilize not only to chat with your friends, but also and above all, to follow the topics that interest you, through the numerous channels available on the platform. However, a few days ago, something strange was happening. You are no longer able to access their favorite channels and would like to know if there is a way to deal with that.

This is precisely the situation and would you like to understand if I can help you? Of course, yes. If you give me a few minutes of your free time, I can explain it to you How to Unlock Telegram Channels on iPhone in the simplest and most immediate way possible (within the limits to which we, the users, must in any case submit).

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Feel at home as I will gradually outline step by step tutorials on how you can finally access the channels that you loved so much.

Before we delve into the tutorial at hand, you might be wondering what are the reason why I can’t access Telegram channel in my IOS device, Well the reasons are not far-fetched. The inability to access a certain channel occurs when, for various reasons (for example, sharing copyrighted material or violation of platform rules), Apple blocks it, preventing its use in iOS and macOS. For more clarification on this, click this link

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Now we approach the Topic In totu:

First technique to unlock Telegram channels.

To get to unblock a Telegram channel from your iPhone, the principal strategy I propose is to utilize the help through the Internet, straightforwardly from your phone. From that point, you will not have the smallest issue getting to the channels that interest you.

100% Working Method on How to unlock Telegram channels in Iphone

The main basic step you ought to know is to note the channel name, then open safari browser in your iphone or any application you use to surf the internet on your mobile. Head over to the Telegram web, by typing in https://web.telegram.org/then type in your telephone number in the appropriate field, by tapping on the item NEXT which is located at the top right, then on the wording OK, then type in the code received via message in the Telegram app in the field below the entry ‘Enter your code”.

Once logged in, tap on the symbol of magnifying glass located at the top right, type the Telegram channel name which you want to access in the field Search and select the most relevant suggestion among those that appear in the list. Once this is done, you can at long last access the channel. As simple as that.

Peradventure this method does not work for you or tedious technically or you need just an alternative method, use the below steps:


To start, access the home screen on your iPhone and open the Telegram application. Then select the conversation in relation to the Telegram channel of your interest and wait for the message that the channel is blocked to appear.

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At this point, close the Telegram app, return to the home screen, tap settings icon (the one with a gear) and disable the connection Wi-Fi and / or the cellular data connection (depending on what is enabled on your device). Tapping, respectively, the elements Wi-Fi y Mobile Phone y OFF, the switches you find on the screens.

In addition to the way I just indicated, you can disable the Wi-Fi connection and the one given by Control center of iOS. To access, swipe down from the upper right corner of the screen (in iPhone X and later models) or scrolling from bottom to top (on all other iPhone models).

Then press the button with the Tacos of Wireless and / or where you have antenna, to make them transparent in color, to deactivate, respectively, the Wi-Fi connection and the data connection.

Now, open the Telegram application again on your device, select the conversation in relation to the channel that interests you and if everything is in the right direction, you should finally be able to access the content it contains.

Unfortunately, however, when you re-enable the connection to Internet, the channel will be inaccessible again.

If this method helped you kindly comment below as it will be beneficial to others who comes across this post.

If you experience any difficulty, kindly comment also.

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