JAMB 2023 – Revealed Secrets on how to score 300+ [100% working]

When the results of the JAMB examination are announced, a small number of students receive scores of 300 or above, leaving the other candidates in a state of confusion. Because many people are unaware of the techniques used to get such results, such performance appears amazing and out-of-this-world. In order for anyone is willing to use them to succeed in the upcoming UTME exam, we are here today to reveal the secrets.

The preparation you put out before the test will have a significant impact on your results and your ability to enroll in the institution where you have always wanted to study your dream course. Many prospective college students are unaware of how much of an impact their JAMB grades have on their prospects of admission. The average of the candidates’ UTME and post-UTME scores is used to determine the departmental cut-off marks for the majority of schools in Nigeria. If your JAMB score is actually really high, you are therefore at a huge advantage.

How to Get a JAMB Score of Over 300 (JAMB Secret)

The following guidelines (or JAMB secret) are for you if you’re looking for advice on how to perform well on the JAMB exam. You’ll pass JAMB this year with flying colors if you read them carefully and put the lessons into practice.

  • Early preparedness is key.
  • Create a schedule that you can follow.
  • Use the JAMB Syllabi.
  • Use the books that JAMB has recommended.
  • Examine old test questions.
  • UTME coaching is required.
  • Determine your areas of weakness and attempt to strengthen them.
  • Get Aid!
  • Exercise more

1. Early preparedness is key.
This is the first and most crucial piece of advice that any knowledgeable individual can provide a JAMBite. There are more complex and technical questions on the UTME than there were on the O’level. More so, it is extremely tough since more than 1.7 million applicants take the exam each year, and less than 45% of them get admitted at the conclusion of the year. Only a dedication to early planning, which will result in proper planning, may ensure a thorough comprehension of the concepts and flawless memorization. The development is slow. You can’t accomplish much if you don’t have enough time.

You can’t accomplish much if you don’t have enough time. You can just end yourself trying to memorize things only to have the technical questions on the JAMB knock you off balance. So get going early enough, and read broadly and deeply. Do not prepare for JAMB within one or two months with the expectation of scoring 400 or above. You would need to dedicate at least 6 to 12 months to a complete JAMB preparation. This is a top-secret JAMB fact.

2. Create a schedule that you can follow

Many people will try to talk you out of doing this, perhaps because they’ve tried it and couldn’t keep it up. Nonetheless, the value of creating a personal study schedule cannot be overstated. Sure, maintaining discipline requires a great deal of effort, but it is worthwhile. Give each of your four subjects a day and time. Play no games or dedicate your time to football games during those periods. Maintain strict adherence to your study schedule. Continue to read. Put a lot of effort into your studies and yourself. Every aspect of life has a cost. If you pay the price for the 300+ you want to receive on the JAMB this year, nothing will stop you.

3. Use the JAMB Syllabi

Many applicants overlook this crucial step, which is why their performance falls short of what they had hoped for. Many people aren’t even aware that JAMB has a syllabus for every subject. They simply purchase the JAMB form, complete their registrations, and begin reading (and many just read amiss). Get this now, please. For each topic that they test applicants on, JAMB offers their syllabuses, and it is reassuring to notice that they do not deviate from the prescribed material.

You won’t be greeted in the test room by a question about a subject that is not covered in the syllabus. It isn’t feasible. In order to guide and assist in navigating your ship over the huge ocean of literature, the syllabus is a fantastic instrument (in fact, one of the most crucial ones). Avoid studying without it. must adhere to the curriculum. By doing so, you will be able to save valuable time and be sure that you are fully prepared for the test. Via this link, you can access and download the most recent JAMB Syllabus: All Subjects Current JAMB Syllabus

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4. Use the books that JAMB has recommended

Many people are unaware that there are JAMB Approved Textbooks. They therefore assume they are all the same after reading whatever Senior Secondary School Textbook they could get their hands on. JAMB, in their wisdom and based on the content of their syllabuses, suggests textbooks to help students learn the necessary material or gain the necessary knowledge to perform well on the UTME exam. So, it would be ridiculous for any serious applicant who has admission as a goal to not use the suggested texts.

You can view the suggested books by clicking on this link: JAMB UTME Textbooks Recommendation: Every Topic. Otherwise, simply consult the syllabi. You could discover a list of helpful textbooks at the very end of each syllabus! Moreover, JAMB offers free access to the books. Remember that you don’t have a lot of time to prepare for JAMB, and as I previously stated, the best approach to make the most of your time and adequately prepare is to use the tools offered by JAMB.

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5. Examine old test questions.

Finding out how the examiner formulates his questions is one of the keys to passing any exam (internal or external), and getting your hands on past years’ question papers is the only way to do so. It may interest you to know that the majority of the questions set by JAMB in recent years are simply a duplication of questions they’ve set in the past. Fortunately, JAMB Past Questions are easily accessible from conception to the present.

Get the previous questions, then utilize them to study the material. These are excellent practice tools and can help you periodically examine and gauge your development. The following link will take you to the most recent JAMB Previous Questions for all Subjects.

6. UTME coaching is required.

There is so much you can pick up from someone with more life experience than you do. When you surround yourself with such people, you are protected from some blunders and you get instructions, input, and advice from them, which causes everything to improve. Attending UTME classes is a very sound idea.

When you are prepared for a test like the UTME and have access to not only your own information but also that of others, you are invincible. You’ll achieve better grades, have a greater chance of getting accepted, and meet other applicants who share your interests and could end up being your study companions.

7. Determine your areas of weakness and attempt to strengthen them.

Admitting that you are not particularly good at a topic or a subject is nothing to be ashamed about. Recognize your weaknesses in those areas and devise plans to strengthen them. Improve your areas of weakness. Strive to cultivate a passion for subjects that you are not particularly excellent at. Getting closer to the instructors Make friends with those who are already experts in the topic or the subject (s). Increase your time and effort spent studying those topics.

Therefore, do not make the mistake of undervaluing your strengths while attempting to strengthen your areas of weakness. This is a common error, but you don’t have to make it. It is even simpler to develop in your area of strength.

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8. Get Aid!

Almost 1.7 million additional students are prepared for this exam. Well, you’re not the only one here, for sure. Locate others who are also studying for the test and get in touch with them. similar in thought and enthusiasm. Collaborate together as a team and connect through social media no matter how far off you are from one another.

The challenge of teamwork gives you the motivation to work more. As a result, preparation goes much more quickly. Thus, faster means more coverage.

Unfortunately, the amount of time given for JAMB preparation is rather limited. More practice should be your response to that. If you don’t know how to use a computer, take a course and practice on the CBT mode.

9. Practice more

Unfortunately, the amount of time given for JAMB preparation is rather limited. More practice should be your response to that. If you don’t know how to use a computer, take a course and practice on the CBT mode. Prepare for the main exam by becoming familiar with the atmosphere.


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