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Education is of vital importance to the emotional, psychological, social, economic, and inter alia developments of any nation. It has served a catalyst behind the fast-tracking divergent positive changes in different sectors of our economy (Nigeria) and diaspora. Education, though characterized with the aforementioned virtues, still suffers some hedges both in the past century and present. What are the negative aspects of it? It is self-explanatory; malfunctions, mediocrities, mismanagements, molestations, malingering, and among others.

The development however precipitated some scholars, both local and international to make a clarion call on the need to explain and practice at home what education is really all about in its ideal sense. Meanwhile, this contributed effectively to the rise and execution of this commission (Ashby commission). All in an attempt to bring to a stop, most of the prevalent educational mishaps which are qua terminating the visions of our future generations. Hence, he (Ashby) deemed it necessary recommending some strategies which when observed vis-à-vis education could rejuvenate and bring a face lift to education sector and the country at large.

 The commission therefore featured on; development of more universities, secondary schools, and even primary schools. It went ahead noting the need to equitably situate schools. That is (school) location in different parts of the country; East, North and West with adequate funding and provision of school infrastructures by the government.

Chapter one
Key terms of reference

Chapter two
Main recommendations of the commission

Chapter three
Educational developmental effects of the commission
Place of education as a tool for national development
Increased government investment in education
Establishment of more universities and tertiary institutions
Increased high-skilled manpower in Nigeria
Improved quality of secondary school education



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