How do I download a private video from Vimeo? Six quick steps!

For you to have stumbled on this post, sure thing is you have a vimeo account which you want to download its private video.  However, you notice something is wrong. You cannot download a private video which interests you from an account. Worry no more, as i will hold your hands and lead you intotu on how to to achieve that goal.

You want to submit a private film to Vimeo in 2023. It may seem difficult at first to download a Vimeo private video because doing so is not possible. No direct download option is available.

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It’s simple to download a public Vimeo video; just select the required quality and click the “Download” button.

That is trickier but still doable for a private Vimeo video!, Simply include a few extra phases in your approach.

This tutorial will show you how to post a private Vimeo film in the.mp4 format in a few easy steps.

You will be able to upload a Vimeo private video after reading this tutorial, and you can use this method to post any other Vimeo private film.

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In 2023, how do I publish a Vimeo private video?

Here are the 7 steps to upload a Vimeo private video in 2023:

1. Visit the page with the video.
2. Choose “Inspect the page” from the shortcut menu.
3. Go to the “Network” tab.
4. Lookup a 9-digit number
5. Choose “Open in a new tab” from the context menu.
6. Locate and copy the.mp4 video link.
7. Right-click in a new tab to “Save video as…” the copied.mp4 link.

You currently have your personal video on your computer in.mp4 format!

Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to submit a Vimeo private video in detail:

1. Visit the video page and review it.

1. Go to the video page and Inspect the page

Step 1 – Download Vimeo private video


Go to the page hosting the Vimeo private video > Right Click > Inspect page


The first step is to go to the web page that hosts the Vimeo private video.

Open your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Brave…) and go to the web page.

Right click anywhere on the page, then click on ‘Inspect’..

A new “Inspector” window opens.

The Inspect feature allows you to access all the resources of the web page (elements, HTML code, CSS, network…).

You will need it in the next step.



2. Go to the Sources tab and look for a 9-digit number

Step 2 – Upload private video to Vimeo

On the navigation bar of the inspector, click on Sources and look for a 9-digit number

Second step, click on the “Sources” tab in the top bar of the Inspector (the third tab from the left).

A “Page” column appears to the left of the Inspector.

A lot of information appears: folders, fonts, player…

You will be interested in to the next step.


3. Open the folder > video > “9 digit file name”.

Step 2 – Upload private video to Vimeo

Find a 9-digit folder and double-click to open it.

This is the most important and complex stage of the operation.

In this column “Page”, search and open the 9-digit file (here 277280439).

These 9 numbers correspond to the id of your Vimeo private video.

Open (double click) all subfolders : > video .

A simple 9-digit file is the last document to appear (here 277280439).

Right click on the 9-digit file and ” Open the file in a new tab” .

Then go to step 4.


4. Open the file in a new tab and view the source code of the page

Step 4 – Upload private video to Vimeo

Right click on the page hosting the video only and “View page source code”.

After opening the video in a new Chrome tab, go to this new tab.

The url is of type : (your 9-digit code at the end)

The Vimeo private video is alone on the page.

Right click and then “View page source code”.

You can now see the source code of the page and the Vimeo private video.

You move on to the penultimate step 5.


5. Find the .mp4 url of the video and open it in a new tab

Step 5 – Upload private video to Vimeo

Search for .MP4 urls and open them in a new Chrome tab

Now you have access to the source code of the page and the private video.

Search (CTRL + F on your computer keyboard) in the source code the following text: mp4

This allows you to easily find all the urls of the video in MP4 format.

MP4 is the video format used by Vimeo.

You notice that you have several MP4 urls. Each url corresponds to a different image quality.

The attribute “width” located in each url allows you to choose the quality of the downloaded video

Example: 1280 is higher quality than 960. 960 is higher than 640.

Choose the desired quality and select the entire MP4 url next to it.

Select the URL then right click and click on “Access” + your MP4 url.

The hardest part is done! Your Vimeo private video is opened in a new Chrome tab.

Sixth and last step: uploading your video.

6. Save the video: right click and Save video as…

Step 6 – Upload private video to Vimeo

Right click > Save video as…

Last step and the easiest!

Go directly to the Chrome tab where your video is located.

The url looks like this:………….

And your video can be played directly in your Chrome browser.

To upload your private Vimeo video, right click on the video and then “Save video as…”.

All you have to do is choose the location and name of your video on your computer.

Click on “Save.

Congratulations, it’s over! You have uploaded your Vimeo private video and can now watch and store it on your computer.

This Tutorial is courtesy of MediaBoss

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