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The most effective method to know if a blocked number called you on Android and IOS is what this article entails about. We will first start with the Android environment.

The most effective method to know if a blocked number called you on Android

On the off chance that you have a cell phone Android precisely, some androids are equipped with built in functions to utilize for call and SMS blocking as long as the option is available in your android device.

Here, we will utilize a Huawei telephone, the tool to be utilized is called Harassment filter And, as well as permitting you to block undesirable numbers, it is likewise used to see whether you have been reached by blocked numbers through its call log capability.

All things considered, to set this Harassment filter, begin the application phone (the headset symbol situated on the home screen), tap the button ( ⋮ ) situated in the upper right corner and in the menu, tap the item Harassment filter. Your telephone might be named differently but however similar or a comparable name with.

From that point onward, press the card call, where you can see the historical backdrop of calls received  yet blocked by telephone numbers that you recently added to the blacklist.

Step by step instructions to be know if a blocked number called you on iPhone

In iPhone, Currently, it is beyond the realm of possibilities to expect to be aware if a blocked number called you. As a matter of fact, the default device for iOS that can be utilized for blocking calls doesn’t have a capability connected with the historical backdrop of calls received yet blocked

All things considered, the just workaround to see whether a number you blocked has called you is the one related with utilizing the instrument » secretary”. Notwithstanding, it is a paid application that it is just accessible on the lines of some phone administrators.

In this sense, on the off chance that you have recently designed the replying mail on the iPhone and in the event that the contact recently blocked by you has left a message on the replying mail, this will be put away in the part Blocked messages from the last bunch. In this way, you can see whether the number you blocked called you by playing the voice message that left you on the replying mail.

The most effective method to know if a blocked number has called you through an application

In the off chance, your android cell phone doesn’t have the default blocking option nor a blacklist, there are free third party apps available on the playstore for this workaround.

Indeed, you ought to realize that a portion of these applications let you in on whether a blocked number has made other calls because of the blocked call log functionality: you can track down additional insights regarding it in the following lines. For iPhone, in any case, there are no applications that can be helpful for this reason.

Other applications to be aware if a blocked number called you (ANDROID)

There are a few different applications for Android that permit you block approaching calls and SMS, and some of them can be utilized to see whether a blocked number has attempted to call.

Prevailing in this objective is truly straightforward, since the applications being referred to are outfitted with a blocked call log, accessible at the moment of touching the screen. These are some of the alternative applications that you can use to see whether a blocked number has called you.


  • Call Blacklist (Android): The application that you can use to see whether you got a call from a number that has blocked is Call-Blacklist or Call blacklist, a free application whose primary use is, obviously, to block explicit telephone numbers or unknown numbers.


  • Call Block: It is a free application with a basic and direct UI that permits you to block private numbers, unknown numbers and explicit telephone numbers added to the blacklist section. The call setting section is what is required for this instructional exercise. Go to this screen, situated in the main menu, and tap the item Show blocked, to see whether a blocked number attempted to reach you.


  • Truecaller: Even this free application can be utilized for this instructional exercise. It comprises of two fundamental screens: Black list, which is utilized to add numbers to the blacklist, and Blocked calls all things considered, it shows the naturally filtered call log. More straightforward than that?, highly recommended.


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