How To Retrieve Unlimited Contacts When SIM Contact Storage is Full – A Students Guide

 SIM Contact Storage Full? Learn How To Store/Retrieve Unlimited Contacts

Before the era of smartphones, storing people’s numbers was traditionally done in our SIM cards. At some point we started to consider having two or more SIMs for either more storage, different network experience, or simply having a business line as well. Normally, the SIMs we use have limited contact storage which can host as low as only 50 numbers. 

The usual solution once you’ve be notified that your SIM storage is full is by deleting unnecessary phone numbers or saving contacts to your phone’s storage instead. However, the solution isn’t actually complete since you’d lose all your contacts if you misplace or get your device stolen. Even when you retrieve your number, there could be important numbers that you might never be able to get back. 

So, how can one store numbers unlimitedly and still retrieve all the many contacts if something unfortunate occurs? The ideal solution here is cloud storage.
We are now in an advanced age wherein cloud computing helps us to have access to all kinds of storable information including contacts. The commonest base for saving and retrieving unlimited numbers is via Google

Most of us already have Google account but in case you don’t you might want to sign up for one now. Google-linked smartphones, especially Androids, provide you with the option to save a new number to your account but the downside to this is that you will need internet data to sync the number to your account. You will also have to sign in to Gmail to entirely access all your contact information. 

Consequently, Google LLC created an app specially designed to give quicker access to your saved numbers once installed it operates similarly to your native Contacts app in your device, but additionally backs up all information that you can retrieve at anytime-anywhere, instantly. It is available on Play Store for Android marshmallow (6.0) and later.

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