Role of the Mother in Conflict Management in the Home


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Ok ! Lets Get down to business. This is an educational and tech blog quite alright and whats educational? Nigga its all about materials. Now here is a material streaming in Hot from my desk, Guess the title!!!? Let me spare you that agony. Its all about “Role of the Mother in Conflict Management in the Home” , Trust me, Oops. 

Now what really is this article description, Well here I come…First this article qualify as a termpaper topic. Shit let me break it down better: 
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Now why the fuck should i blabe, Lets get down to business, as usual all you should be expecting from me its just the title, Introduction/Abstract and then probably the References. Thank You 

Now lets Introduce the Concept 
Conflict is an intrinsic and inevitable point of human assistance. It is the pursuit of inevitable interests and goals by individual members of the family. It involves struggle over values and claims to wealth, power and prestige in which the other members of the family attempt to neutralize, injure and in the worst situation eliminate the other member of the family. At time it may result in violence which is the use of force in the pursuit of incompatible and particular interests and goals. Conflict theory assumes that people act in their own sequence in a material world in which exploitation and power struggle are prevalent (Mboto, 2000; Francis, 2011).
Schaeffer (2004) stated that conflict theorists view the family not as a contributor to social stability but as a reflection of the inequality in wealth and power that is found within the larger society. He went on to explain that the feminist and conflict theorists note that the family has traditionally legitimized and perpetuated male dominance. This male dominance is the cause of conflict in most Nigerian families. Aside male dominance, there are other causes of conflict such as negligence, sexual, psychological, social, addictive behaviour, economic, health, children-caused problem as well as incompatibilities. These problems need proper management if the most needed and preached stability and peace is to be experience in our society. Source:
Ogbum, W. F. & Tibbits, C. (1934). “The Family and its Functions” in Recant Social Trends in the United States, edited Research Committee on Social Trends. New York: McGraw-Hill.

Well its getting on nice aint’t it?….Hahaha, come on i can’t post the whole material right now at a go, thats gonna be having it cheap but come on, let me conclude it for you

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The family is the cornerstone of the society. An ideal family therefore is expected to provide stability, support and continuity to the world. It is one of our most essential primary groups. Family conflicts are quite natural and inevitable. It diminishes the quality of life. Physical and emotional difficulties may result from family conflict. Its management calls for carefulness and the adoption of various strategies.

Mothers are the bedrock of any family, just as the fathers are the head. A mothers role is in promoting peace in the family and as such one thing fundamental to all mothers is the love of peace and prevention of conflict in the home. Nevertheless the fact still stands that the mothers are the best in conflict management in the home. A family without mother is a disaster just as Julius quoted “show me a family that has no mother, and I will show you a family rocking to disaster….they (those families) are the causes of 10% of our problem in the U.S.”

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