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Looking for free chatgpt alternatives for 2024 for Chatgpt premium version or GPT 4 that come with a hefty $20 per month price tag? We’ve got you covered with seven free options you can explore. While ChatGPT’s premium version does offer value, not everyone can afford the monthly subscription fee. That’s why we’ve curated a list of free chatGPT AI alternatives for you to consider, ensuring you don’t have to spend a dime on access to advanced AI capabilities.

With the rising popularity of AI platforms like ChatGPT, many users find themselves searching for cost-effective alternatives. While ChatGPT Plus does offer exclusive features, the subscription cost may be prohibitive for some users. Our curated list of free chatGPT alternatives provides accessible options for users looking to leverage AI capabilities without breaking the bank.


Chapple stands out as one of the top alternatives for personalized content and image generation within an AI bot. Unlike ChatGPT, Chapple excels in creating tailored content and visuals, all available for free. By exploring these recommended alternatives, you can access personalized content without the need for a $20 per month subscription, saving you valuable resources.


Another noteworthy alternative is Bard, developed by Google. With Bard, users can experience the next level of AI chatbot technology, offering a revival of the capabilities found in GPT 4. As the AI landscape continues to evolve, Bard represents a compelling option for users seeking advanced AI functionalities.


Bing AI emerges as yet another viable ChatGPT alternative, providing users with a robust platform for AI-powered interactions. By downloading the Microsoft Edge browser, users gain access to Bing AI’s free services, including Copilot Pro, which offers a host of impressive features for AI-driven conversations and tasks.

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Claude GPT-4 Alternative

You should be able to utilize GPT 4 now when making use of Claude,  which is an alternative for chatGPT 4, and it is an amazing new AI tool that is excellent for content creation.

You can also access or visit the AI chatbot by visiting on your web browser.



Perplexity AI

This particular AI we are talking about has brought up competition for the Google search engine that most people have been making use of for quite a long time.

Perplexity AI is also one out of all GPT 4 alternatives which is an AI powered by a search engine and designed for research and content writing.



The platform is also available at your fingertips by just visiting and see what you can do with their search engine features powered up with an AI to help you gather up some contract writing skills.


To make use of chat GPT 4 for free then you should visit which is an AI that has been integrated into Quora and offers multiple models.

It is also said to be a chorus AI app that comes with Sage, gpt3, dragonfly, Claude, Claude Plus, and so on.

POE Free ChatGPT Alternative

Once you get to the homepage of Poe then you can just proceed to click on the GPT 4 button.



From there you can now type your message and see if it actually offers what the main chat GPT 4 has been offering you.

JasperAI ChatGPT Alternative

JasPerAI is one of the best chat GPT alternatives that we have made on our list.

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It’s an AI sidekick that allows you to create high-quality content with a speed of light faster than other AI tools.

They have gathered a lot of trust from over 80,000 businesses with different ratings of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

JasperAI Free ChatGPT Alternative 2024

You can also gain access to this platform by visiting and see for yourself it is the best alternative for chat GPT 4.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered in this Blog Post – 

Which AI is better than ChatGPT?
Google Bard – Bard has had several updates since its first release. However, it recently got a core upgrade whereby it is now powered by the “most capable model” Google has developed — Gemini. This upgrade even made some people consider Bard as the best alternative to GPT-4 as it has even surpassed ChatGPT 3.5.

Is there anything similar to ChatGPT?
Claude is better at understanding human language and can provide more accurate responses thanks to its ethical, constitutional design. But ChatGPT does a better job at tasks such as content creation, image generation and voice chat, and offers free, unlimited access to a range of services you have to pay for on Claude.

Who is the competitor of ChatGPT?
GitHub Copilot.
Grammarly Business.
Power Apps.
Vertex AI.
Salesforce Sales Cloud.

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