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Today i write, its your favourite blogger “Christheair” on the beat. Forest Dames, Oh how i love you. Do you have your cup of coffee ready or should i pour you a glass. Welcome aboard gentlemen and gents.

Why do i review this book today! Well, its my assignment, no. 2. Its compulsory (lols). Gather around, take a sip, give me a hug and lets roll. One thing i love about this book is its availability online!. I can just buy it and read in peace compared to most books i had to search in stores and even still searching for some.

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Come take a hug, keep calm and walk with me as we dissect the book chapter by chapter.


Title: The Forest Dames
Author: AdaOkereAgbasimalo
Category: Fiction
Imprint: Perresia Publishers Limited, Ikeja, Lagos.
Pagination: 303 pages
Price: 1000 naira
Text Exposition
The story revolves round a young girl Deze and her mother and the plight she had to encounterat a very young age. Her family were forced to struggle for survival as there was chaos in their land. They traveled places in search of livelihood. The tragedy that befell people of her time was very saddening as well 

Chapter One
The Forest Dames

The minds of four children is put to rest as their mothers give them a nocturnal visit to share sad stories of events and happenings in their locality at the moment. Many stories of villagers, both old and young, of those captured and those killed were told by the mothers to the daughters who were in their hiding place. Deze was the youngest and loved reading books. Her mother made sure that on each visit brings books to her to take away her boredom. 

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Chapter Two
The Endangered Species

Lele, the biggest girl among the children alongside Sofuru had always waited for suitors asking for their hand in marriage as they were of age to get married. They were unhappy at how Binna and Eboh were reluctant at home doing no chores at all. Binna and Eboh didn’t see the need for education as they would subsequently inherit their fathers’ property and farmland. However, Tomachi remained in school when the other children opted out.  Deze was beginning to love and appreciate learning as she progressed in her education.

Read Chapter three and four here

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