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Chapter Three
Kaduna Main Market
Mama Deze, a hard working spent most of her time in her shop while her husband, very caring always helped at home to do chores and assist the children in whatever thing they do such as they home works from school and helped them have their bathe as well. Bulus is very loyal to Mama Deze as he helps her most times in her shop to stack goods and count goods. Deze’s mother trusted him so much that she took him as one of her own as well. When the attack finally got to Kaduna where Mama Deze and her family lived, they had to flee to the village for refuge and shelter before they would be captured or killed. 
Chapter Four
The East-Bound Locomotive
Deze’s father was still in Kaduna, meanwhile his family left for their hometown two weeks ago. Killings now became more rampant in Kaduna. Deze’s father, at midnight watched how his neighbour was killed. He heard shouts of one of the infiltrators saying “Kill them, kill the bastards”. He was lucky he had a hiding place in his house. He had earlier prepared a hiding place peradventure an event of such occurs. The men broke into his house and searched everywhere but couldn’t find anyone at all, hence they left. Deze’s father took a train at dawn to the East. The train was also attacked as some men were captured, while the wives and children lamented over the abduction of their husbands and fathers. However, Deze’s father wasn’t captured at all. 
Chapter Five
Home, Sweet Home
As all the passengers finally reached their destination, and crossed the border, they were filled with joy that they finally reached their fatherland. They sang praises and congratulated one another with handshake. Deze’s father and Bika, the man he sat with while in the train, had a little conversation when they finally reached the East. Buno and Bola discussed politics, religion, education, culture and the current happenings in the country. After the journey, Bika and Buno bid each other farewell.

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