How to note types of AEFUNAI students you will see on a Monday morning


The over serious ones

These ones wake up by 4am for a 7am class😴 and get to the class by 6:15. Some would even volunteer to sweep the class

Weekend girls

These set are seen coming back from where they spent their weekend🚶🏼🚶🏼🚶🏼( hotels, AI, family home)

The ones that don’t attach any importance to Mondays

These ones count everyday as the same with no special day. They take Monday morning like every other morning

Party crashers

Either just coming back on a Monday morning or they came back the night before and woke up with hangovers

Prayer Warriors

These ones reward are in heaven. They pray without ceasing anywhere anytime. 

Night Crawlers 

You can hardly see these ones during the day. Once its 6pm, boom there own movement have started. The real Eagles


These set always dress their best on Mondays. Some believe the way your Monday looks determines how the week will be

Finally the ones that will wake up by 6:45 and still meet up a 7am class



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