How To Contact AEFUNAI ICT Unit For Portal Issues



These are the basic information to note while sending emails to resolve FUNAI portal issues.

As a student of AEFUNAI experiencing portal issues, you are required to contact the ICT team with the use of mails which is to be sent to [email protected] or via teneceschoolsupport to create a support ticket and have your issue rectified instantly.  The following basic information will be needed before your issue is attended to:

  1. Name
  2. Matric number/ JAMB Reg number
  3. Department
  4. Level
  5. Summary of the problem with the error message. Eg. We do not want mails like ‘I cannot register my courses’, rather say ‘I tried registering my courses but got an error message “you may not have paid school fees for the session”.’

You can also contact ICT support line on 08139833300.

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