Secrets About How to Never Lose Your Funai Caution Fee



What is AE FUNAI Refundable caution fee

AE FUNAI caution fee is a refundable payment to AE FUNAI students. The fee is refunded at the end of each academic session (second semester) to FUNAI students who paid for hostel accommodation. Here, I’m writing on how to collect hostel refundable caution fee in AE FUNAI.

Some students may have not collected their caution fee due to one reason or the other. Also, because they didn’t follow the right procedures.

To get your refundable caution fee, you must not destroy, or damage any school property in the hostel. If you damage any property in the school’s hostel, you run the risk of getting a low fee refunded to you, or not getting at all, depending on what you damaged. In a situation where you were not paid your hostel caution fee completely, it could be that there’s a general deduction.

Requirements for caution fee payment.

The requirements for payment of caution fee in AE FUNAI are:

  • N51,000 hostel fee payment receipt.
  • Bank account details.

Procedure to collect FUNAI refundable caution fee.

  • Visit the school hostel portal.
  • Submit your hostel fee receipt for verification.
  • Also, visit the school’s bookshop
    Submit your hostel fee receipt and a photocopy.
  • Write your account details and sign.
  • Wait for the end of the semester, or till the school management is ready to pay.
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So, that’s how you can get your hostel caution fee. Now, let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions.

How much will be refunded to me?

You will be refunded a total of N20,000. In case the money refunded is not up to N20,000 then, there is a general deduction.

How much should I expect?

Expect the sum of N15,000 or more. When the refund commence, kindly wait as you will receive yours if you followed the right procedures above.

Why haven’t I received my hostel caution fee?

You haven’t received your caution fee because the refund have not commenced. Also, it could also be because you didn’t submit your hostel payment receipt. If you have done all the required procedures, and haven’t received your caution fee when the payment is ongoing, Kindly visit the school bookshop or ICT to make inquires concerning that.

I lost my hostel payment receipt. Does it mean I won’t receive mine?

You can. Simply visit the school portal, and reprint your hostel accommodation fee receipt. You can also check your email inbox and reprint the remita receipt.

If you still have any question concerning FUNAI refundable hostel caution fee, kindly drop it in the comment section below.


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