An Analysis of the 2023 Candidates for the Office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria – Peter Obi



Peter Gregory Obi President

3. Peter Obi

Peter Gregory Obi was born in Onitsha on July 19, 1961. He is a business man and politician who was the Governor of Anambra State two tenure from 2006 to 2014. Peter Obi attended Lagos Business School, where he finished the Chief Executive Program, Harvard Business School, where he finished two significant projects, the London School of Economics, Columbia Business School, and the International Institute for Management Development where he received certificates in the Senior Executive Program and the Chief Executive Officer Program. He likewise went to the Kellogg School of Management of Northwestern University, Saïd Business School of Oxford University and the Judge Business School of Cambridge University.

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Peter Obi began his life as a trader, being naturally introduced to the family business prior to wandering into the corporate world. He has held several leadership positions in a few organization. Some of the organizations he served incorporates: Next International Nigeria Ltd, Chairman and Director of Guardian Express Mortgage Bank Ltd, Guardian Express Bank Plc, Future View Securities Ltd, Paymaster Nigeria Ltd, Chams Nigeria Ltd, Data Corp Ltd and Card Center Ltd. He was the youngest executive of Fidelity Bank Plc. In May 2022, he was declared as official flag bearer of Labor party in the race for the office of the President of Nigeria in the 2023 general Election.

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Party Structure: With Peter Obi turning into the official flag bearer of Labour party, the party have been criticized as a party without structure. This is hypothesized in the way that the party is not exactly famous and don’t have known wards in numerous states across the federation. This is an enormous trial of confidence for a party competing for the office of the president.

Parsimony: In a nation like Nigeria, many believe those who share the national cake should be voted for thus with Peter Obi branded as being closefisted, it will truly go far in hampening his chances possibilities particularly with the provincial class which actually play by the old book in the standard – no cash, no vote.

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Transparency: Obi has introduced himself as a viable alternative when he stepped down as Anambra State Governor on March 17, 2014, he abandoned a gigantic financial investment for Anambra State, including 50 million dollars and in excess of seven billion naira in Access Bank, 55 million dollars and in excess of twenty billion naira in Fidelity Bank, and 50 million dollars in Diamond Bank. Reports show that Peter Obi contributed a sum of 154.4 million dollars in Anambra. Obi is viewed as a reliable asset supervisor who has no capacity to bear squander in government. He is irrefutably attractive.

Age: Peter obi is 60years as at the hour of composing this article. With huge age gap and disparity between Atiku and Tinubu age, he is truly at a benefit to this. He is as of now considered the youths choice.

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Anti-corruption: Peter Obi’s defection from the People’s Democratic Party before the primaries election garnered interest on what could be going on behind the scenes in the People’s party. Many postulated he couldn’t contest with the cash bags and as such opted out of the party.  This single act have been hailed by his devotees and they are on a mission to effectively defend him with records and more springing up with the popular slogan ‘Go and verify’.

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Meticulous: Peter Obi have been hailed as being mindful of detail. This was demonstrated in his live meetings and tapes being spread on the web. He records things with accuracy and expressive with discourse which is precisely what the young people ache for to hear and as such he has an incredible train behind him.

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