a costly mistake


Now am back again.

Seriously Don’t you miss me as you await for this post,, Mehn I too de yarn and that my problem. Well one got to be feel the vibes incase if you forget but of course its with a cup of coffee.

Whats really the book “A Costly Mistake”, Who de fuck made the mistake. Pity you. Now why am i reviewing this book, am i unemployed or is it in my blood, well its not in my blood but i will review it cos i love education and No. 2. I love the author and No. 3, fuck it, its my assignment for crying out loud.

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Publication Details 

Title                           A Costly Mistake
Author                       Sylvester Eduelyo
Subjection                 Prose
Imprint                      Enugu: Ei Demak, 2006
Pagination                 139
Price                          N600.00
ISBN                          978-8061-77-x


James Adegbara gave his life to Christ in a program “HOW LONG WILL GOD WAIT FOR YOU”, He repented of his sins, and now wants to live a new life, James was one of the executives of the student union government, but his repentance brought quarrel between him and his girlfriend, Jennifer, both from a well to do families.
James explains to Adamu, a fellow convert, of his problem with Jennifer, and Adamu advises him to be steady fast in his faith.


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