Second Chance by Nyengi Koin

Wheew!, Here we go again, You know how we roll. Reviewing books is what i do for a hubby. If you haven’t read this book yet, I will talk to you like a typical Onitsha movie nollywood blockbuster, “Grab your copy Now”. Damn! It is what is…

Do you have your glass of coffee ready or should i borrow you mine. You are gonna need it.

 Author:         Nyengi Koin
Publisher:     Ibadan : Paperback Publishers Ltd., 1986.
Series:            Egret romance & thrillers, 2.
Edition/Format:      Print book : Fiction : English
Pagination: 126

First things First, Searching for this book online and in stores as well should be listed as one of the 1000 ways to die!. Am really not gonna be nice here but the publishers are not really thoughtful towards market penetration. How can one not find a book easily on Amazon???. I went through hell to get this book. Let me not bore you with the details anyway, but grab a glass of coffee, tell me if you are with me, then relax because just like Senator Adeleke once said and i quote;

“…I will be dropping it, one by one gbagam”.  (My Mumu too much ah swear).

At this juncture, I will leave you a summary from Google books about the book:

This is a classic novel by Nyengi Koin. It is about class struggle. Richard Pepple and Mina Erein both met in their final year in the university. They became friends and fell in love. They eventually got married despite the huge gap in their class differences. Richard belonged to a struggling class, while Mina was from the affluent. 

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Things got bad after their marriage due to the seemingly domineering attitude of the Ereins, who had earlier compelled the couple to live with them in their palatial mansion, as a pre-condition for the marriage of the lovebirds, and the ego (pride) of Richard who felt he had a right to take responsibilities on his family without undue interference by the Ereins, whom he considered snobbish. 

Richard eventually moved out of his in-laws’ abode, to start a humble life. Mina, on her part, declined to go with her husband, and chose to remain in the comfort of her parents’ home. This led to their separation and the sharing of their newly born twin children Miatta and Bindo, for Richard and Mina respectively.

Both lovers eventually met again (through their twins) in a new primary school. Richard was already living comfortably then, as he had gained favours, working in an oil company. Mina on her part, was already feeling the pangs of loneliness and the guilt of excessive pampering of Bindo, who is gradually growing up as a repulsive spoilt brat. 

On the other hand, Miata is well-behaved, receptive and highly talented. These are the consequences of the twin-girls’ different early-childhood upbringing, which ultimately influenced their respective attitudes. Both Mina and Richard regretted their actions, and patched things up. 

This time around, Mina’s parents had no alternative than to allow the lovers live an autonomous life. Prospectively, there were positive signs that the family could still become an indivisible, lovely one.
The second Chance is a classical and evergreen literature which teaches the virtues of appreciating one’s self-worth, contentment, diligence, mutual respect, dignity of labour, determination and self-reliance.

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 It is recommended for teenagers and all adults”. (Source: Google books; author: Unknown). 

My greatest challenge now is am i to review this book chapter by chapter or should i just drop an overall review. Tell me what you think in the comment, so that we can update this page. I love you


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