How To Get Mtn 500MB Data And N3000 Airtime – Mtn Win back Offer

MTN 500MB DATA and 3K Airtime

Mtn seems to find a way to draw back their customers which abandon them for some time which makes them to introduce an offer called mtn win back offer. 9mobile network providers have something related to this offer which they also called 9mobile win back offer too they likely give out win back bonus when you follow the steps to get it.

This mtn win back offer is not for everyone but certain people who have abandoned or stopped buying airtime or data plan to their line for some certain time weeks or months which we will explain all in detail step by step.

How To Be Eligible For The Mtn Win Back Offer

 All Mtn users who have stopped buying airtime to their mtn line for at least 15 days and stop caring out the process of purchasing or doing data subscription to his or her mtn line for at least 60days is eligible for the win-back offer.

Also, mtn customers or users who have kept their sim that removes the sim from their phone and stop buying airtime and data plan to the respective sim for 15day’s and for data 60day’s is eligible this data offer that is you can go for it.

Mtn Win Back Offer List Of Deal 2020

  1.  The offer that you will get on this win back offers depends on airtime you purchase when you are eligible
  2.   to carry out the deal and you follow the process to carry out such a data offer deal let’s check it out.
  3.   You will get Mtn 50MB Data And Mtn N300 Airtime when you do the win back offer to deal with Mtn N50 Airtime.
  4.   Mtn N75 airtime for the mtn win back offer deal will give you mtn 75MB And N450 Airtime when you subscribe to the mtn winback offer.
  5.     Also, you will get 100MB and N600 when you go for the N100 mtn win back offer deal.
  6.     While the N200 win back offer 200MB And N1,200 for the data offer deal.
  7.     The best part which is mtn win back offers a deal of N500 Airtime which will give you mtn 500MB plus
  8.     N3000 airtime as your win back bonus offer.
  9.     And N750 airtime for the offer gives 750MB and N4500 airtime respectively.
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It depends on the airtime you use to activate your mtn win back offer range the amount of airtime and data offer that you will get at once without any stress just make sure you are eligible for the offer before you carry out the

According To Mtn >>>>>

Which already explains how you can get the win back offer without any stress but we will still explain it in lay man language to make everyone understand.

How To Activate The Mtn Win Back Offer

  1.     To activate the win back offer follow the procedures.
  2.     Which entails dial the following code.
  3.     ∗161∗ airtime pin # which you will load the airtime with the code.
  4.     You have to load the airtime according to the amount of the airtime and data offer you will like to get.
  5.     Which any amount of airtime and data you will get when you activate the offer are all listed above.

Mtn win back offer

So as if you load 1000 airtime with the above code  ∗161∗ Airtime PIN# you will get 1000MB and N6000 worth of airtime respectively as stated above.

How To Know If You Are Eligible For The Offer

  •    Once you get your airtime ready load the airtime with the above code.
  •    And you will discover you were not granted with the win back airtime and data offer.
  •    Just make sure your sim has been made or made use of for long before you will get the airtime and data win back offer deal.
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 Things To Note About This Airtime And Data offer

  1.  You won’t get the win back offer when you failed to load the airtime as stated above.
  2.  Even when you are eligible for the data offer and you fail to follow the steps above you will be granted the offer.
  3.  The airtime and data mtn win back offer are eligible at once.
  4.  That is you can only enjoy the offer once, once you load the airtime with the above process and you have been Granted the data and airtime than that all.
  5.     Airtime and data granted on this offer can only be used by one person.
  6.     This implies you won’t be able to share the mtn data or use the share n sell service to share the airtime with others.
  7.     The airtime granted can’t be used for international calls that can only be used within the nation.
  8.     The day which the airtime and the data will expire will be specified once you have been granted the data offer.
  9.     Browsing speed of the data range above 45Mb/s.

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