Top & Best 10 Camera Apps For Android Phone In 2016



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Well according to ITECHGYD in his post He has this to say as the top and best 10 android camera apps. I will be watching, tell him that.

Top & Best 10 Camera Apps For Android Phone In 2016
Top & Best 10 Camera Apps For Android Phone In 2016

Most of us like to capture pictures on our Android devices. I know you also like it; in fact, the camera is the best feature of the Android phone, especially for those who love to capture pictures on their Android device. There is a system app installed on all of the Android devices the system app has not all the features which we want to like “Gravity Lock” most of the stock apps (or system apps) do not the feature of Gravity Lock but if you want to add this feature in your phone then you have to install any other camera app on your phone. Below I have listed the Top and Best 10 Camera Apps for Android phones.

Top & Best 10 Camera Apps For Android Phone In 2016

These camera apps are the best apps for any Android phone, I highly recommended you to install one of the apps given below if you are fond of capturing images on your Android phone.

Camera360 Ultimate

Camera360 Ultimate is the best camera app for Android users. Here you can not only capture the pictures, in fact, you can also edit them easily. There are many features present in Camera360 Ultimate which you can use to apply different effects on your favorite photos. You can imagine about its popularity that it is the number first camera app in more them 50 different countries including the USA, China, and Germany etc.

Features of Camera360 Ultimate

  • Camera Modes: Many free camera modes such as Funny Camera, Selfie Camera, Poster Camera, Effect Camera etc.
  • Filters: There are more than two hundred filters which you can apply very easily from the effect store in the app.
  • Photo Album Provides a user-friendly photo album where users can arrange their photos easily by date and time etc.
  • Social Share: Users can share their pictures directly to the social sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Editing Features: Provides professional photo editing tools such as Resize, Blur, Rotate and Texture etc.
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Google Camera


Google Camera is developed by the Google Inc. You can switch between image capture and video maker very easily. Google Camera provides many editing tools where you can edit your favorite photographs very easily and quickly.

Features of Google Camera

  • Quick Switching: Users can easily switch between photo capture to video capture by quickly swiping.
  • Interface Provides a simple and attractive interface to its users.
  • Lens Blur: By using this feature users can focus on the foreground and blur the background easily.
  • Automatic High Dynamic Range: App can automatically enable and disable the HDR mode to capture high-quality images. But this feature is working on Nexus 5X, Nexus 6 and Nexus 6P etc.
  • Photo Stitching: Create Spherical images of 360 ° using technology developed by the Google Maps.
  • There are many other features of Google Camera but unfortunately, most of them are not available for every phone.

Open Camera

The open camera is an open source camera app. It is also one of the best camera apps for the Android users as they can capture photos very quickly and with high quality. It has many useful features which are described below.

Features of Open Camera

  • Auto-stabilize: Automatically stabilize your photos to perfectly level them.
  • Zooming: Users can zoom in and zoom out by tapping on the screen 
  • Orientation: Allows locking the orientation for perfect video or audio to landscape or portrait.
  • Face Detection: Automatically detects the face of uses if the feature is enabled.
  • Auto Photo Capturing: Open Camera has a widget when that is opened it capture the photo automatically.
  • Timer: Users can set a timer to capture a photo after a specific timing.


Instagram is also one of the best and top camera app for Android users. There are many cool and best filters present in this app which you can use to enhance the quality of your photographs easily. You can also share your pictures directly using this app.

Features of Instagram

  • Photo Editor: Have a well-featured tool to edit the photos like professionals.
  • Tools for Improving Photos: There are many useful photos improving tools present in this app such as shadow, saturation, highlight, brightness, and contrast etc. which can be used for this purpose.
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Camera MX

Camera MX is a free photo editing tool to edit photos like professionals and make them attractive and cool. Users can add many effects to their photograms and live borders to the pictures, further, it makes it very easy to edit your photos than any other camera app. So you can also say this as camera app and a photo editor.

Features of Camera MX

  • Photo Effects: Provides more than 20 photo effects to make your photo attractive & impressive.
  • Photo Quality: Can save your photos with high quality in ratio of 16:9
  • Photos in Video: If you are shooting a video and want to capture a photo in the video then you can take them easily.
  • Video Effects: It has many useful effects for videos.
  • Background Music: If you have some remarkable images then you can gather them into an animated video and also add a background music to that this will make your memories good.
  • Easy to Share: If you want to share your photos on social sites then you can also share them easily on any social site such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter etc.

Cymera (Download)

Cymera is a good app for capturing photos and shooting video and editing them directly. You can add many effects to your photos as well as video to enhance their quality, further, there are many useful and fresh LOOKS which can be added to your media files.

Features of Cymera

  • Face Detection: Cymera can automatically detect your face while capturing pictures.
  • Option for Selfies: There are many options available for capturing selfies.
  • Picture Quality: Users can set the quality of the pictures to low, medium, high or ultra.
  • Photo Editor: High and best quality photo editor.

GIF Camera (Download)

Do you know what GIF Image is? You must have seen some animated images these animated images are called gif images. GIF Camera can capture gif images for you. If you want to convert video into gif image then you can also do this otherwise you can directly make gif images. The best feature of this app which touches my heart is the Gravity Lock so once you start shooting video the Gravity lock does not let it rotate as your device moves.

Features of GIF Camera

  • GIF Maker: Users can create gif directly from the camera.
  • GIF Gallery: As you will know gif images cannot be open in many simple image viewer apps so this app has its own gif viewer to open to open gif images.
  • Auto Focus: Yes this app can automatically focus for you to the objects.
  • Frame Rates: It has the best frame rates which any other do not have but this is totally depending on your device’s camera that can that it support it or not.
  • Instant Share: Users can instantly share their images to the social sites like Facebook etc.
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HD Camera Ultra (Download)

HD Camera Ultra is just another best camera app for Android users. Using this app you can experience high-quality video shooting & image capturing. If you want to install this on your device then you can see its positive rating on the Play Store.

Features of HD Camera Ultra

  • Zooming: It can digitally and manually zoom on different objects to capture high-quality pictures.
  • Photo Editing: Has many photo editing tools for its users.
  • Photo effects: Users can also add many effects to the photos while capturing.
  • Video shooting: If you are fond of video shooting then this is the best app as it shoots High Quality & Definition videos.

DSLR Camera Pro (Download)

DSLR Camera Pro is a paid camera app. It is for professional use. This is designed is such a way that the capturing of images is based on Digital DSLR so that it can zoom on the exact image to provide the full high-quality image the users can also blur the background while taking the photo.

Feature of DSLR Camera Pro

  • Focus on Image: a Very good focusing power to focus on the objects while capturing the image.
  • Two State Buttons: The app has two state buttons press for focusing the image and release to capture the image.

Paper Camera (Download)

Paper Camera app provides a number of filters for enhancing the images & videos. The best feature of this app is the sketch filters; yes this app also provides the facility of sketches that’s why it is named as Pager Camera. There are also many cartoon affects present in this app you can add them to new pictures while capturing them or add to the existing one.

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