How to Prevent Users from Adding in WhatsApp Groups 2023


I know how it feels to be added to a strange WhatsApp group without your full consent. It’s really annoying. That’s why in this post, we answer the question ‘How Can I Stop Users from Adding in WhatsApp Groups’.  When you are done reading through this post, you will learn  how to stop people from adding you in WhatsApp Groups against your wish. This can be done by the WhatsApp Group privacy setting feature that allows you to choose who can add you to groups on WhatsApp. Remember that this feature has been available for years on Telegram.

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Now you can choose who can add you to WhatsApp groups. There are three available options to choose from. You can set it to EveryoneContacts only or My Contacts except

How to Prevent Users from Adding in WhatsApp Groups 2023

Although users can send you invite links to join groups manually incase you blocked users from adding you to groups.


  1. Launch your WhatsApp app
  2. Go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups and choose or prevent users from automatically adding you to groups without your permission.
  3. This feature is now available for all Android and IOS users.
  4. You can update your WhatsApp application if you are yet to do so.
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That’s it.

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