A Review of the Book History and Philosophy of Science by Joseph O. Eneh


HalleluJah Somebody, its a review today.

Today we review a book i love so much i read it thrice. Damn! I love you man. Yeah, am talking about you Dr. Joseph Eneh. Thanks for this book. Thank you for the suffering(Oh you taught i will forget what i went through ni), lai lai! Dis book rugged ooh.

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Book Title:         History and Philosophy of Science (An Outline)
Author:              Dr. Joseph O. Eneh (PHD)
Publishers:         Magnet Business Enterprises.
Place of Publication:     Enugu, Nigeria
Date of Publication:     2000
ISBN:             978-35s63-2-0
Pagination:         96

The Book History and Philosophy of Science is an outline of how philosophy has contributed immensely to the origin of science. The textbook is an appreciation to science to the improvement of philosophy, it shows the connection which philosophy has with science and how many has applied science to add reasoning to science.

    It shows and proves philosophy to be the mother of all sciences. Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Geography and other science related disciplines all originated through philosophical reasonings. The book consists of 6 chapters which all pin point the transformation of technology over the years and the use of science in modern time/era.

    The book proves the main aim of science and also that of philosophy. It proves that philosophy purses the aim of intellectually and empirical or natural science, aims at it’s result through experiment. Through the review of this book, I was able to understand the origin of man, how man relates with his cosmic environment, the meaning of philosophy of science and it’s problems such as:
Proofs based on logic where axioms, theorems, postulates, defined and undefined terms are used.
The problem of analysis using concepts as force, matter, motion, number, quantity, time etc.

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This book states clearly the twin relationship between philosophy and science through which they seem to have the same goal of investigating the true reality or identity of man. Philosophy in this book shows various researches done by ancient philosopher, psychologists, astronomers etc.

The book briefly explain philosophy and science from the first western school of philosophy in Miletus and still explained philosophy and science from the middle age to the modern time to the 19th century. The book made references to great events such as the Nigerian civil war. It also referenced some great Nigerian icons such as Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, M. I. Okpara, Chike Obi, Bishop Ajayi Crowther and how they contributed to science in African and also in Nigeria.

This book also explained the effect of scientific experiments and also the benefits for example the issue of biological nuclear weapon used in war. It explained how nuclear weapons brought about diseases and infections still faced by man and also made references to some war events such as the atomic explosion by America against the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Dr. Joseph Ogbunwani Eneh is more than an author but a scientist for him to carry out such a big and great research on science by going into details of how most scientist developed his or her idea. For me the book “Philosophy of Science” by Dr. Joseph Ogbunwani is an appreciation of science to man and also philosophy.

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