How to Use DSTV hacked app to Watch Movies on Android Phones


 If  you stumbled on this post, it is what it is. “You de find cheat jare, no lie”. Anyway here is a post by all tech that solves your problems. Gear up! Enjoy the ride. 


Many DSTV users have always been looking for a more convinient and easy way to carry their favourite channels with them all along and to be able to see them anytime any day, DSTV has already made this possible with the mobile version of their service known as DSTV now, you can download DSTV app from play store for your android device. with this mobile app you can have your favourite channel with you anytime anyday, but that would be after linking a DSTV bouquet with your DSTV account, which is obviously not free, you’ll need to purchase that, just like the way you subscribe to your DSTV at home you’ll need to subscribe to the mobile app to or you can just link your decoder directly to the app to use same subscription on both. This however is fair to some people, but others won’t just go for it, they will either say its too expensive or they just want to enjoy free stuff(so Nigerian). So we have decided to dish out a free version of the DSTV app for our dear members and with this hacked DSTV now apk you can stream all DSTV stations on your android device for free!. 

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Download DSTV hacked app

Getting a reliable source to download DSTV app is rear, you can search Google for “DSTV hack” but all you will get are random answers which you won’t probably know which actually works, but with us you don’t have to worry about searching around, we have done the whole assignment for you, just read on, we will show you How to watch DSTV free on android, and you will have your DSTV hack set up in no time.

How to watch DSTV free on android

Now to set up the DSTV app can be easier than you thought, just follow the steps accordingly and you would have known how to watch DSTV free on android.

Note: It is very important to follow the steps accordingly to avoid errors while setting up, make sure you follow everything till the very end, we don’t want anyone giving complaints about the set-up of this app, everything has been explained in details here, you only won’t get it right if you don’t go through the article.

How to watch DSTV free on android

The steps goes as follows:

  1. Download DSTV hacked app for free on our telegram channel which will be provided at the end of this post.
  2. Before installation, make sure that your android device is set to allow installation from unknown source, and if you’re not sure kindly go to settings>security>and ensure that the “allow installation from unknown source” box is tick.
  3. Now the next thing to do is to install the app directly from your telegram app or from the download folder of your device if you set it there, and after successful installation, launch the app(the app appears as VTV on your app drawer, with a V logo).
  4. Note that after launch the app, a message may pop up prompting you to update the app, kindly hit the skip button for this version is the hacked version and no update is needed.Dstv hacked
  5. Then the next screen will request for an activation code, don’t panic yet!, we have just the right activation code for this hacked app.Use 2745611******(code revealed at the end of post.) for the activation, you can copy and paste from here, or simply write it down somewhere, your choice!. Satellite app
  6. After you are done filling the activation code box, click on the activate button and an error message will pop up, notifing you that the activation code has been used, fear not! Just click on the again button and the message will re-pop, this time click on the cancel button and the message will disappear, then click on the login button and wait for it to load.How to watch DSTV free on android
  7. Now the TV has been activated, so for DSTV channels, under the search box, scroll down to DSTV and hit on it and tahdah! There you have all your DSTV channels all for free!.How to watch DSTV free on android
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Do Note that any time the pop up shows up again, kindly click on the activate button and you are good to go.Download dstv hacked app

How to watch DSTV free on android using DSTV hack.

Download DSTV app

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