How To Get Glo 500MB For N100 On Glo WTF Social Bundle Plan




It was said that the grandmaster of data glo just adds to their data plan which is said to be in silent mode. The plan is Called Glo WTF Social Bundle Plan ( Glo WhatsApp+Twitter+Facebook Plan)  which you can get Glo 500MB for N100 on this plan. 


There was a plan which is called 9mobile social pack bundle plan which makes their users browse some social media view the plan, Glo WTF Social Bundle plan is related to this plan too. 


We just call it a data plan that makes one browse on social media in pack Glo WhatsApp+Twitter+Facebook


Let’s get to know some social data plan list of these plans. 



Glo WTF Social Bundle Plan Data List

  • As we said earlier on this Glo WTF plan you will get Glo 500MB for 100.
  • Also, you can get Glo 200MB for N50.
  • And lastly, you will get Glo 100MB for N25.
  • Which validity of each plan depends on the type of plan you select. 

There are other or more related plans on the bundle pack plan which you can select when you hit on the plus button. 


Table Data Of The Glo Whatsapp+Twitter+Facebook Bundle 


Data Plan Prices rate Validation Data
Glo 500MB N100 1month / 30days
Glo 200MB N50 A week / 7days
Glo 100MB N25  A day / 1day


Now you’ve known the price and validation date that is left is to know the activation process that leads to this plan. 

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How To Activate Glo WTF Bundle Plan

  1. Dial the code *777# then slide to the option.
  2. Data bundle the select social bundle.
  3. And lastly, make a selection on the Glo WTF bundle. 

Then you will be provided with the list of the social bundle data plan, you can now go for the ones that are suitable for you. 

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