9mobile 200 For 1GB Code & Data Bonus 2021


 Are you also looking for the 9mobile 200 for 1GB data plan code to browse the internet?

With the expensive internet subscription this day, there’s a high taste for cheaper data bundles and the 9mobile 1GB data plan for 200 Naira is a good fit here.

Make sure you follow the guidelines correctly to activate them in a few seconds.

About The 9mobile 1GB Plan For 200 Code

The Etisalat 200 for 1GB data plan has been available for a while now, and the activation process is simple.

It’s so much related to other cheap data plans on NetworkPalava.com.ng regarding the 9mobile network. There are handpicked data bundles you can buy for just N200 and I have given the subscription code for 9mobile 1GB plan, 1.5GB bundle, and similar plans with different prices.

Now, look deep into this. You may choose to buy the 9mobile 200 for 1GB plan with a shortcode or get it through the alternative means.

Follow the guidelines in the next section to activate the 9mobile cheat code for data in a few seconds. You’ll also discover if it’s valid for 7days or 2days exhaustion period.


Code To Activate 9mobile 200 For 1GB

There are different data plans you can subscribe to at the cost of 200 Naiara and get 1GB for browsing the internet.

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The popular 9mobile 1GB for 200 code is *229*10*15# and you’re expected to migrate to MoreCliq by dialing *200*2# on your phone.

Instead of 1gigabyte as you desire, you’re getting 1.5GB for 200 on your 9mobile line.

  • For the 1GB data, you can also dial *929*10# which is valid for 3days only.

9mobile 1.5GB Plan For 200

This plan is well designed for subscribers on the MoreCliq tariff plan. You must be migrated to the plan to enjoy the 1GB for 200 offer.

The approach to this is to dial *200#, then reply 2 to get migrated in no time. After that, you apply the ussd code to get started.

  • Simply dial *229*10*15# on your phone dialer.

If you’re eligible, you’ll receive an SMS from Etisalat regarding the success of your last transaction.

After the confirmation SMS, you can start browsing for the next 5days. This data plan validity is 5days not 7 days or 2 days.

9mobile Youtube Streaming 1GB Data Plan

The 9mobile Youtube streaming pack enables that you listen to audio records and watch your favorite videos online.

You will get the 9mobile 200 for 1GB data code to buy this plan and other related internet subscriptions in this package.

If you’re familiar with online movies, this is your time to stream HD high-quality tapes from a supported device. It can be on your Android smartphone, iPhone, laptop computer, and other devices.

To activate the 9mobile 200 for 1GB Youtube streaming service;

  • Simply dial *200*3# on your current device.
  • You may choose to do it manually by dialing *200#, then reply 3 to process your request.
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This youtube streaming plan is valid for 30days and you’re allowed to browse between 1:00AM to 5:00AM time frame.

9mobile 200 for 1GB night plan

9mobile Nigeria never stops surprising their network users with enticing internet data bundle offers. Imagine browsing at midnight without worries about low data balance.

If you haven’t subscribed to the 9mobile 200 for 1GB night plan, then this is the time for you.

The cheap data plan cheat codes given earlier, can serve your internet browsing need, and just in case you need more, here it is.

You wanted more, you have more. lol.

Now, to active the 9mobile 1GB night plan that costs N200;

  • Simply dial *229*3*11# to get 1GB for N200.

Before you dial the code above, some requirements must be reached.

A lot of people are asking if the 1GB for 200 data plan on 9mobile is valid for 2days or 7days. The data plans on this post have different exhaustion time.

One expires in 5days, another in 30days and more like that. Make sure you read correctly before making a conclusion.

Etisalat 100 Naira for 1GB

There was a trend regarding this data cheat code that gives 1GB for N100 on 9mobile. Well, this package was recognized as one of the cheapest Etisalat internet browsing plan.

And the code to subscribe to this N100 plan is *474*1#. The 9mobile 1GB for N200 plan code is given above.

The thing is;

The plan was present before the migration from Etisalat to 9mobile. So you can try it out if it works for you.

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9mobile 200 for 2GB

This is a portable data plan you can also buy for 200 Naira. All you need to do is recharge the aforementioned amount and you’re good to go.

We included it in my 9mobile N200 data plan post a while ago. You can check open the link to get the fast code so subscribe now.

Meanwhile, to activate 2GB for the N200 data plan, simply dial *474*1# and wait on the result. Valid for 3days.

You are yet to discover more data plans that are similar to the 9mobile 200 for 1GB subscription.

9mobile 5GB for N1000 & 10GB For N2000

Relating to the 1GB data plan that costs 200 Naira, you will find some enticing bonus offers after dialing the USSD code on your phone.

  • Simply dial *929*10# to activate 1GB for N200 (3days).
  • 5gb for N1000 (15days)
  • 10GB for N2000 (30days)

How To Check 200 For 1GB Data Balance On 9mobile

If you’ve successfully activated the plan using the code given earlier, you may also want to confirm your data balance to make sure the volume tallies with the promise.

  • Simply dial *228# to view data bundle balance.

Alternatively, read the full guide on how to check 9mobile data balance faster.

Have You Subscribed?

Activate a data plan is not difficult anymore. It’s just a matter of dialing the working ussd code on a support mobile phone. There are N200 data plans specified for Android phones and the same thing applies to iPhone, laptops, etc.

After applying the 9mobile 200 for 1GB data code, what’s your experience?

Comment below!

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