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If you’re here, I believe that you’re searching for the best glo data plans code to buy an affordable internet pack to browse the internet with fewer worries on insufficient balance.

Personally, my phone is useless without an active data connection and the same thing applies to other internet surfers like me.

Like, you can’t do without a glo data plan subscription using a smartphone especially this time that entertaining HD videos are exploding.

Today, you’ll get the activation codes for the best deals on Glo internet bundles.

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About Glo Data Bundle

Glo plans are highly beneficial to small, average, and heavy internet users. For a very long time, they never seize to surprise us with their amazing data benefits.

No doubts, Globacom is one of the biggest network providers in Nigeria and if you check well, they offer bigger volumes when it comes to data plans.

MTN, Airtel, and 9mobile service are also dope including their internet bundle subscriptions.

Get your hands on one of the glo data plans below.

glo data plans codes and bonus

Glo Data Plans & Subscription Codes

Glo Nigeria likes surprising their customers with amazing that benefits. Yes, they will be adding an extra bonus on every data plan you buy using the *777# code.

Select your preferred glo data plans from the list starting from daily, weekly, and monthly internet packages.













































































Scroll Down For More Special & BIGGER Data Plans

Glo Daily Data Plans

In this section, you’ll get to know the available data plan you can buy with little money from your glo account balance.

Yes, every single data plan under this is valid for 24hours.

Before you proceed, check out the Glo Data Plan 200 For 1GB here…

₦50 For 50MB (45MB + 5MB)

This is the smallest data plan on the list. Now, see how it goes;

The normal data volume you’re meant to receive is 45MB but Glo will add an extra 5MB data value.

  • Simply dial  *127*14# to activate or text ’14’ to 127 on your massaging app.

₦100 For 150MB (115MB + 35MB)

If you’re in search of the Glo 100 naira data plan code, you should consider subscribing to this plan.

  • Just dial *127*51# on your phone dialer app or text ’51’ to 127. Valid for 24hours.
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₦200 For 350MB (240MB + 110MB).

This is one of the glo 200 naira data plans. You can subscribe by dialing dial *127*56#. Lasts for 2 days.

Glo Data Slash Plan – Daily

Glo surprises users with this amazing internet data plan. There are two plan in this internet package and have listed them below:

1. N500 For 2GB Splash Code

Simply dial *777#, reply 1 to select ‘Buy Data‘, reply 1 to select ‘Buy 3G – 4G’, now reply 5 to select ‘Special Data Offer’, reply 1 to select Daily Offer, Finally reply 2 to proceed.

2. N300 For 1GB Code

Simply dial *777# to bring up the Glo Menu, reply 1,1,5,1, then reply 1 to proceed.

Glo Weekly Data Plans 

This section is filled with affordable data plans you can buy to browse your favorite stuff on the internet valid for 7days, 14days, or even 21days.

Like the one I shared earlier, Glo also adds an extra bonus to every data plan you buy in this list.

₦500 For 1.35GB (800MB + 550MB)

This plan makes sense for the average internet user to buy and start connecting online, streaming audios, reading news, or other things you find interesting. The default data volume is 800MB but glo will add 550MB to make it 1.35GB. 

Also, it’s one of the Glo N500 naira data plans in Nigeria.

  • Simply dial *127*57#. Valid 14 days.

Glo Monthly Data Plans – Up To 138GB

Now, if you’re looking for a bigger data volume to browse, download stuff, and possibly connect with people online, read slowly these glo data plans may suit you.

Not only that the data bundles are LARGE, but you’re also given enough time to enjoy your purchased data. All plans in this section are valid for 30days.

Glo ₦1000 For 2.9GB (1.9GB + 1GB)

For those looking for the Glo N1000 Naira data plan for one month, you can subscribe to this plan as it’s the first plan on the list of glo monthly bundles.

  • To activate, simply dial *127*53# or text ’53’ to 127.

More Monthly data bundles below.

  • ₦1,500 For 4.1GB (3.5GB + 600MB). Simply dial *127*55# or text ’55’ to 127 to subscribe.
  • ₦2,000 For 5.8GB (5.2GB + 600MB). Dial *127*55# or text ’55’ to 127.
  • ₦2,500 For 7.7GB (6.8GB + 900MB). Dial *127*58# or text ’58’ to 127.
  • ₦3,000 For 10GB (9GB + 1GB). Dial *127*54# or text ’54’ to 127.
  • ₦4,000 For 13.25GB (12.25GB + 1GB). Dial *127*59# or SMS ’59’ to 127.
  • ₦5,000 For 18.25GB (17GB + 1.25GB). Dial *127*2# or text ’11’ to 127.
  • ₦8,000 For 29.5GB (27.5GB + 2GB). Dial *127*1# or “12” to 127.
  • ₦10,000 For 50GB (46GB + 4GB). Dial *127*11# or ’15’ to 127. Valid for 30 days.
  • ₦15,000 For 93GB (86GB + 7GB). Dial *127*12# or ’16’ to 127.
  • ₦18,000 For 119GB (109GB + 10GB). Dial *127*13# or ’17’ to 127.
  • ₦20,000 For 138GB (126GB + 12GB). Dial *127*33# or ’33’ to 127.

Glo Data Plan 1000 For 4GB

This data bundle is an Awoof that gives you extra data benefits when you buy a default data plan from the list.
Also, it’s designed for some categories of Glo network users so, I will say that it’s sim selective, Ok?
  • To activate, just dial *777# and select Buy Data. After that, select the 1.8GB data bundle. Glo will give you  500MB + 1638MB + 2048MB which is equal to 4186MB (4GB).
That’s if you’re lucky enough.

If you need an even BIGGER Data bundle for downloading large files like OBB+Apk, lengthy movies, stream online tutorials in high resolution, then these glo data plans are a good fit for you.

You’re allowed to exhaust the given data bundle within 30day, 120days, up to a year depending on the data plan you subscribe to.

 To Activate Glo Mega Data Plan;

  • Simply dial *777#, reply 1 to select Buy Data, then select Mega Data.
  • N30,000 For 225GB – 30 days. Once you recharge N30,000 dial the activation code and you’re good to buy the 225gigabytes data.
  • N36,000 For 300GB
  • N50,000 For 425GB
  • N60,000 For 525GB – 120 days
  • N75,000 For 675GB – 120 days
  • N100,000 For 1TB – 1 Year. 
If you’re amongst those looking for glo unlimited data plan codes, you can pick a plan from the list above as its volumes are mind-blowing.

Glo Special Data Plans

Glo never seizes to introduce fresh Awoof data bonuses to their esteemed customers. You may get unusual messages from Glo from time to time informing you about new offers they added to their list of internet packs.

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It’s not always necessary though. You may not get those messages but the special packages are there for you.

You may get less time to used up the glo data bundle volumes you’ve been given.

  • N300 For 1GB – Last for 1 day.
  • N500 For 2GB – two (2) days validity.
  • N200 For 1.25GB – Sunday. with 200 naira credit, you load on your phone, you’ll be given 1.25gigabytes to browse and do your favorite stuff online. You can use this data on Sunday only.
  • N1500 For 7GB – 7days.
  • N25 For 250MB. Make sure you have at least N25 airtime in your glo account balance before subscribing to this plan. See the Glo Night plan code here… Can be used from 12AM to 5AM and valid for one day.
  • N50 For 500MB – Browse from 12AM TO 5AM. Last for 1day.
  • N100 For 1GB – 12AM TO 5AM. Valid for 5days.

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  • N100 For 100MB. After subscribing to this plan, you will get a free 225MB ON CAMPUS DATA, Free 25MB data that can be shared with others, and 100 Naira Glo to Glo Bonus. Valid for 2days.
  • N200 For 200MB – Receive Free 450MB ON CAMPUS DATA. Free 50MB shareable data bundle. Enjoy 200 Naira Glo to Glo Bonus. Valid for 4days.
  • Glo N500 For 500MB – Enjoy Free 1.12GB Glo ON CAMPUS DATA. You will also get 125MB free to share with friends. Added N500 Glo to Glo Bonus. 7days validity.
  • Glo N1,000 For 1GB. Get 2.25GB of On-campus data. 250MB free data for sharing. N1,000 Glo to Glo Bonus. Last for 15days.
  • Glo N2,000 For 2GB. After subscription, you’re getting free 4.5GB of On-campus data plus free 500MB which can be shared with close ones. Also, make calls with other Glo customers using the bonus N2,000 airtime you get. Valid for 30days.
  • Glo N5,000 For 5GB. Once you activate the five thousand naira data plan that gives you 5gigabytes to do your favorite stuff online, you will be given 11.2GB of On-campus data plus free 125MB to share with others. Not only that, but you’ll also get a free N5,000 Bonus for Glo to Glo calls. Usable for 30days.

Glo Social Bundles & Bonus Codes

If you’re used to connecting with friends, family, and colleagues through social media, then these glo data plans may be a good fit for you.

Any data plan you buy from this section will be focussed on a particular social media platform you selected.

There are many social media sites available but a few a more popular. Right here, you can subscribe to WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok plan, and more…

Get them below.

Glo WTF Bundle Code (WhatsApp, Twitter & Facebook)

  • N25 For 100MB – 1 day
  • N50 For 200MB – 7 days
  • N100 For 500MB – 30 days

Glo YouTube Bundles

  • N50 For 100MB – 1 day.
  • N100 For 200MB – 7 days.
  • N250 For 500MB – 30 days

Glo Instagram Bundle Code

  • N25 For 20MB – 1 day
  • N50 For 50MB – 7 days
  • N100 For 125MB – 30 days
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Glo TikTok Bundle Codes

  • N25 For 20MB – 1 day
  • N50 For 50MB – 7 days
  • N100 For 125MB – 30 days

Glo Telegram Social Bundles Code

  • N25 For 20MB – 1 day
  • N50 For 50MB – 7 days
  • N100 For 125MB – 30 days

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Glo Night Plan & Awoof Codes

Glo night data plan has been around for some time now. Yes, the network provider makes it possible for you to buy bigger data volumes for little money spent on credit.

Imagine, with only N25, you can gain access to browse all night without worries about insufficient data balance.

All Glo prepaid and postpaid users can buy a plan and start browsing at midnight.

There are three (3) data plans available on the glo midnight pack, which are;

  • Glo N25 For 250MB
  • Glo N50 For 500MB
  • Glo N100 For 1GB

Which of the afore-mentioned pack caught your attention? See the Glo 200 For 1GB Code & Data Bonus 2021

How To Buy Glo Data Plans With USSD Code

The default way to buy your favorite glo data bundle is to;

  • Simply dial *777# on your phone dialer app.
  • Select ‘Buy Data’ from the options by replying 1.
  • Follow the prompt to buy the glo internet plan that suits you best.

How To Check Your Glo Data Balance Faster

I always advise that you monitor your data bundle to make sure you’re not being cheated. Yes, things like these happen;

  • You buy a glo monthly data plan and finish it up in a day. Have you experienced this in the past? Leave a Comment in the section.

Alternatively, You can also use the Glo Data Calculator here… 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Glo Data Plans?

Glo data plans are internet bundles you buy direct from your service provider depending on the amount you have recharged on your smartphone.

For example, if you have about N1000 Naira in your glo account balance, you can buy one of the glo month data plans that give up to 3.5GB or more for that price.

Simply put, you need to purchase a data bundle to be able to browse the internet.

How Do I Get 7GB For 1500 on Glo?

Simply dial *777# and reply with 1, reply 1, reply 5 and finally reply 1 to get the 7GB for 1500 on glo.

It’s one of the Glo Special Data plans in Nigeria. If you read this post from the top, you’ll see that there other amazing data plans you can buy with less money spent on airtime.

Which Glo Plan Is Best For Data?

Glo Yakata Tariff plan is best for data. Yes, you can subscribe to one of the Glo Yakata data plans by dial the simple activation code I shared in my previous post on that.

How Can I Get 1GB for 200 on Glo?

It’s simple. Kindly follow this link to get the 1GB For 200 Naira on Glo right now!

What Is The Glo Data Recharge PIN To Buy Data Faster?

The glo data recharge pin is *123*Recharge PIN#. You can dial the code on your phone dialer or use the manual method below.

  • Simply dial *223*Recharge PIN# on your smartphone.
  • Then dial *777# and select ‘Buy Data’ from the menu.

Can I Get the Glo 3,000 for 17GB code?

Glo always adds mouth-watering data to this list of internet packs to keep all existing customers engaged and stick to their products and services.
  • Now, the code to subscribe remains *777#.
It’s a package that allows you to browse at midnight with the 17gigabyte data bundle you purchased for only N3000.

Have You Subscribed?

Out of all the Glo data plan codes I have shared, which one is your favorite

Do you have a question to ask?

Leave a comment below!

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