Activate Mtn YouTube Unlimited Plan For Unlimited Video Streaming


Youtube is one of the platforms which most people spend most of their days and night on mostly to get updates on any trending videos and info about news in display mode so we found the mtn youtube unlimited plan to be a good and affordable plan.

You can actually get this mtn yotube unlimited plan for N50 which is strictly unlimited but some terms and
conditions are attached to the unlimited access which we are about to talk or discuss in this article let’s proceed.

How To Activate Mtn Youtube Unlimited Plan For N50

  1.     To subscribe to the mtn youtube unlimited plan for N50.
  2.     Go to your phone sms app and send the following text.
  3.     Send VP1 to 131 then you should get successful.
  4.     You will get the successful message if and only if you have N50 on your mtn line.
  5.     Then you can now stream youtube unlimitedly with the mtn 50 youtube unlimited plan. Mtn Youtube Unlimited Plan For N50

This plan is said to be the latest mtn plan which was recently introduced doing the independent day as
of October 1St and it’s still intact till now which you can enjoy unlimited access to youtube with just N50.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Mtn Youtube Unlimited Plan

 The following questions and frequently asked about the mtn N50 unlimited YouTube plan.

When is the validation Date of the plan?

The plan is unlimited and it’s said to be only valid for just 1hrs, which you can enjoy unlimited youtube streaming access for 60min view your mtn data Connection.

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How Can I Check The Plan Balance?

The Mtn youtube unlimited plan for N50 can be checked with the normal mtn data plan to check code which implies *131*4# After you dial the code then you will see the balance of the plan.

How Many Times Can I Subscribe or Activate The Plan In A Day?

 After your unlimited access exhaust or finish for that hour then you can go ahead and subscribe again which you will be charged another N50 per subscription of the plan. You can actually do it anytime you like and it is unlimited but remember it for just 1hrs.

Will the plan still be there if I don’t use it?


No, it’s strictly no, for that moment you activate or subscribe to the plan. Then you have to time yourself and make use of the plan for that moment in an unlimited way.

Can I Browse Other Apps With The Plan?

 No you can because the plan is strictly made for youtube only and you can make use of it to browse another app on your mobile phone for good.

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