How to get Glo Unlimited Data Plan & 91.02GB Bonus Code 2021



Get the Glo unlimited data plan codes to subscribe and start enjoying an extended browsing experience online.

I noticed a lot of individuals are strongly looking for some cheap glo data plans that give BIGGER data volumes. Yes, I know you also need an active glo data bundle to connect and download your favorite stuff online.

No worries, today you’ll get the working glo unlimited data bundle code that guarantees you browse at your convenience.

About Glo Unlimited Packages

The Glo Internet packages have been available since the Telecommunication company launched in Nigeria. Glo Nigeria keeps making favorable changes to their data plans to fit the average and heavy internet users.

The Glo Unlimited data plans are designed for prepaid customers on this network and there is more to know about it.

Other network providers like MTN, 9mobile and Airtel have got a good amount of cheap data plans you can subscribe to also.

Now, you should understand that the name may be unlimited data plans as stated on Glo but that’s not the case. You’ll have to buy an affordable data bundle with a validity period.

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Glo Unlimited Data Plan & Bonus Codes

Before you proceed, I want you to understand that the name may sound “UNLIMITED” but it’s not. You will gain access to some cheap data plans on Glo that expire at a given period.

Subscribe to your favorite below:





















































Scroll Down For More Special & BIGGER Data Plans

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Glo 100 For 1GB

I’m starting with this plan even though it’s not directly an unlimited data plan in Nigeria, but you can consider it very cheap to enjoy a quality experience on the internet.

Now, it’s one of the glo night data plans that give you a whooping 1gigabytes for just 100 Naira credit.

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All you need is to dial the subscription code to proceed. See the Glo 100 for 1GB Night Plan code here…

Glo 14day Plan

This is amongst the official data plans on glo. It’s different from the list of glo unlimited data plans and yes, it’s worth it. To make activation possible, you need to recharge a minimum of 500 Naira on your Glo account.

After that, kindly dial *127*57# on your phone dialer app. You’ll be given 1.35GB immediately and data volume is processed, you should also receive an SMS notification.

New Glo customers may get an extra bonus on activation.

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Glo 1000 For 4GB

This plan is old and basically designed for existing Glo customers who are loyal to the Giant network in Nigeria. Now, if you’re amongst those looking for glo unlimited data plans then this pack is the right suggestion for you.

First, recharge your line with a minimum of 1000 Naira airtime and dial *777# to buy the 4GB data plan. If you can’t find it there, then the offer is over till further notice.

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Glo 200 For 1GB

It’s real. You can get 1gigabyte for 200 Naira only to browse any website you want, with any browser app and all social media platforms.

Just check your glo account balance and make sure that you have at least 200 Naira airtime on your line and you’re good to go.

Glo 1000 Unlimited Pack

With 1000 Naira airtime recharged on your phone, kindly dial *127*53# to get 2.9GB to browse the internet. If you’re a  new customer, you’ll get a BIGGER bonus on activation.

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Glo 1500 Unlimited

This is just another cheap data plan coming straight from Glo Nigeria. You’re getting a HUGE 4.1GB for 1500 Naira. Yes, once you recharge your line with the stated amount, just dial *127*55# to subscribe to this plan instantly.

Glo 2000 Unlimited Bundle

No further explanations, the game is simple. Just make sure you dial *127*55# on your phone dialer app after recharge your Glo account with at least 2000 Naira credit. Now, you’ll get 5.8GB if you dial the code correctly.

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Glo 2500 Unlimited 

In this case, you need N2500 to subscribe to this unlimited data plan on glo. Simply dial *127*58# and wait on the USSD to respond. Once your transaction processes, you’ll be rewarded with 7.7GB to do your favorite stuff online.

Make sure you dial correctly.

Glo 3000 Unlimited 

Now, the higher you invest in internet subscriptions like this, the BIGGER data volume you stand to receive. First, load up to N3000 on your Glo line then dial the working USSD code to activate it successfully.

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Simply dial *127*54# on your phone dialer app and you’ll be given 10GB to browse, download and enjoy a better experience on the internet.

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Glo 4000 Unlimited 

The plan is to get HEAVY data volume that you have nothing to worry about when browsing the internet. Now, we consider BIG data plans as Unlimited data plans (lol).

Make sure you have at least N4000 airtime on your Glo account balance, if not, recharge. Now, open your Phone dialer app and dial *127*59# to get 13.25GB immediately.

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Glo 5000 Unlimited

Start with dialing *127*2# to know if your eligible for this data plan. You should receive a message like;

“Operation Failed Due To Insuffient Balance” or anything related.

This means that you qualified for this data plan. Now, recharge a minimum of N5000 on your Glo line and dial *127*2# again to get 18.25GB huge data volume.

No doubts, it’ll be successful this time.

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More Cheap Glo Data Plans & Free Browsing Cheats

This is a blend of cheap internet packs, free browsing cheats, and Unlimited call plans on Glo Network. Don’t skip a step. Make sure you read slowly.

Glo Yakata Data Plan Code

Yes, the glo yakata tariff plan is an amazing package launched for you (the new and existing customers) to enjoy a better value of money spent on airtime.

Yakata offers you free 6GB for the first 6months of opting to the network. This is a welcome bonus and it didn’t end there.

You’ll also be getting more Awoof bonuses just like the Glo Unlimited data plans in Nigeria.

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You can as well, name this the glo yakata data cheat code. There are varieties of internet packages to subscribe to in a few seconds.

Glo Data Plan Cheat For Android Phones

If you’re looking for a working cheat on glo to browse on your android device or iPhone, then follow the instructions in this section correctly.

There is a VPN newly launched to make this possible for all Glo users. Yes, mainly focused on old customers who recharge at least N100 on sim monthly.

Now, once you get this right, follow this link to activate the latest Glo free browsing cheat while it lasts.

I Included the Glo AnonyTun VPN, Psiphon, and other tricks that work well.

Glo Night Plans

Apart from the Glo unlimited data plans, you can also enjoy More Data Volume for little money spent on recharge cards.

See, the Glo Mid-night bundle gives you almost free and unlimited access to the internet. Yes, depending on the data plan you purchase.

Now, have a look at the available cheap data plans below:

  • N25 For 250MB
  • N50 For 500MB
  • N100 For 1GB
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Follow this link to subscribe to Glo Night plans for 1GB, 500MB, and 250MB right away.

How To Check Unlimited Data Balance On Glo

There are hundreds of reasons why you should check your existing data plan balance on Glo. One is to avoid excessive data consumption without your consent, another is to monitor the rate or volume of data that goes per operation you perform.

It doesn’t matter the network you use. If it’s  MTN, Glo, 9mobile, or Airtel, always keep the data balance code at heart.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I have given the answers to the most asked questions. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section.

How Can I Get Unlimited Data On Glo?

This post is divided into different sections. Kindly follow the guidelines correctly so you don’t miss a step.

You will find:

  • Glo N100 Unlimited
  • Glo N200 Unlimited 
  • Glo N1000 Unlimited
  • And More…

What Is The Code For Glo Unlimited?

All the glo data plan above has its respective code to activate it. Simply dial the short USSD code and once it’s confirmed successful, you’re good to go.

  • Kindly dial *777# to buy a data plan on Glo.

What Is The Best Glo Data Plan?

The best glo data plan is the one that fits the size of your pocket. Your first subscription can’t be the last.

Yes, you need to purchase a good number of data plans before choosing your preferred Glo data bundle.

That said, there’s no best data plan but you can find cheap internet subscriptions that enable you to get BIGGER data volumes for little money spent on airtime.

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How Many GB Is Glo 1000 Subscription?

The default Glo 1000 subscription is 2.5GB. Yes, if you’re a new customer, you’ll get 3.7GB for N1000 only as a welcome bonus. You may get lucky as an old customer though.

  • Simply dial *777# on your phone dialer app to buy a default plan on Glo.

Now, that’s for the default data plan. You can also get 4GB for N1000 only by recharging a minimum of 1000 naira credit then dial the activation code.

Can I Get The Glo Unlimited Data Plan For WiFi?

As long as you can subscribe to a plan from the list above, you can possibly share with friends and family members over a WiFi network. Also, you can insert your glo sim on your multipurpose WiFi device to stay connected.

Have You Subscribed?

For you to come to this point, I believe that you’ve selected your preferred Glo unlimited data plan from the lists of internet bundles I shared above.

So tell me in the comment section, which plan did you subscribe to?

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