5 Pro Tips to Enjoyable Student Life on Campus and Beyond every student must Know

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Every student is unique and wants to have an enjoyable student life on campus regardless of what is obtainable. While it is true that what works for Student A may not necessarily work for Student B, still every student can have an enjoyable student life.

In what seem like a pressure cooker world today, where everyone is more interested in the grade than they are interested in the gain, I wouldn’t blame a student who cannot see campus life as enjoyable.

Be that as it may, every student should be able to both pass through school and allow school pass through them. Let us consider 5 Tips to having an enjoyable student life regardless.

  • Get Your Why Right. One question every student must answer is, ”why am I in school?”. A well thought out answer to that question will go a very long way in such student’s disposition to campus life. So, are you in school for the knowledge, certificate, exposure, platforms, parent’s decision or even to prove a point? The answer you give yourself determines the attitude you give to your studies and how life on campus. So, what is your why? Getting your why right will give your foresight into decision making that will in turn make your studies enjoyable.


  • Prepare your mind for your course of study. In reality, most people choose a course of study because that is what people around them are doing. Some even do not have the slightest of clue of what their course of study is about. Of course, preparation can be in form of enquiries, research and checking out people who have gone far in such field. As a student, plan for the what if days even as you plan to have the best days on campus.
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  • Relate with Like Minds. There is something that relating with people of same vision and foresight does to you. You do less explanation and have productive conversations and discussions. You achieve more with less time because everyone knows what to do at a given time.


  • Recognise Your Weaknesses. The beautiful thing about learning together or studying as a group is the uniqueness of individual differences. No one is flawless but recognising your flaws helps you work on it and utilise your strengths more. Similarly, recognising your flaws means working to improve on it thus aiding an enjoyable student life.


  • Differentiating Needs-to-have from Nice-to-have. Students naturally have the tendency to be extravagant. However, you must learn to draw the line between wants and needs. This helps you achieve discipline which will go a long way in training you. There are 1001 things that appeal to students and they want it but not needful at the moment. As a student, planning to have an enjoyable campus life, you must be ready to put your priorities on your needs and not just wants. It is not every opportunity that you jump at, not every thing you want that you get. Same goes for association as well. Sieve your circler well and you will have an enjoyable student life.


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